Kleber Garcia

2013-02-16 07:27:13

About Me

Greetings stranger !!

My name is Kleber Andres Garcia. I was born February 27th of 1987. I am a very passionate person; I love being a Computer Scientist!

I got a Masters degree in Computer Science back in 2011 (Bachelors in Science in 2009). I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese. I have done 2 scientific publications for IEEE. check it out!

I currently have a gig at Electronic Arts, as a Software Engineer II. I am currently working on 3d Rendering; which means I collaborate with other engineers in delivering the ultimate and most kickass visual experience for our games (xbox, ps3, etc etc), from the engineering perspective that is!

I work with computer graphics and I love it! Its the discipline that I have always loved, because it involves a lot of Math, Computer Science, Programming and great usage of your Aesthetic perception.

Other sub-disciplines from Computer Science that I enjoy are Compiler Construction, Web Development (made this entire website myself, and by that I mean EVERYTHING), server side programming, coding standards, programming languages, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

I am a big fan of Linux. The two main distributions I use are gentoo and ubuntu. This doesn't mean I am not a Windows expert ;) In fact I have done many interesting projects with the Windows API, as well as DirectX. But I am more of an openGl fan due to its portability :)

I have a passion for Math, Science, Technology, Music and various forms of Art.

Current games I am working are Madden NFL and NCAA College Football. If you have any more questions, or are interested in knowing more about me, dont hessitate to leave a message below with your email.

Cheers! And love thy neighbor :)

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